Martin Hury Blues Combo
Wednesday Mai 13th 2015 at 8pm

Viree Blues Boreale is up to Celebrate
the 40 year Career of One of
The Spiritual Fathers of Canadian Blues

Just think of their 40 years of stage expertise, or of their 10 recorded opus, of their two nominations to Felix Awards, of their Lys Blues Hommage or think of the trivia that they know of, for instance Bo Diddley’s frequent flatulences on stage in Montreal at the legendary Rising Sun, or Big Mama Thornton’s famous “Tough Milk” (gin with milk), and you’ll sure understand right away that these Viree Blues Boreale’s guests are of a higher grade among Canada’s Bluesmen! One of the Canadian Blues spiritual fathers will be here at Viree Blues Boreale to celebrate his career’s 40th anniversary with an all new set up. The Stephen Barry Band on stage: impeccably sounding instruments, four experienced musicians, solid jazzy blues and lots of white hair! ... but also many ``Ahh! I’m so eager to hear this band !`` The result is indeed astonishing with precision and charming with finesse and with the virtuosity of those musicians, which earned the band to play with the Greatests of the Blues.

The Stephen Barry Band has been a flagship of the Canadian Blues since 1975. The band leader, Stephen Barry is a singer and distinguished player of all types of basses who’s been acquiring a major stage experience through the last fourty years, at both national and international levels. Since it’s beginnings, The Stephen Barry Band has been touring all of the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, but also Europe and South America. The band also performed with Blues Legends like B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy, Big Mama Thornton, Big Moose Walker, Hubert Sumlin, Pinetop Perkins, Magic Slim, Eddie Kirkland, Nappy Brown, John Hammond Jr., Johnnie Johnson, and with the much respected Oliver Jones. The band also performed with the famous Vann "Piano Man" Walls on his recording "In the Evening" as well as on stage. For sure, Stephen Barry’s reputation as one of this Country’s Best Bluesmen is unchallenged. Proof, the following critics’ comments: (some freely translated):

(...The Stephen Barry Band is the very best band in Montreal, in the Province of Quebec and very likely in Canada.
They’re the thightests, the hottests the flashiests and mostly, the most underrated and not well known!)
NATHALIE PETROWSKI, La Presse (Montréal), avril 1995

( . . . a whole range of styles - from Blues to Swing- and all outstanding ".
Festival International de Jazz de Montréal

(The father of Quebecois Blues)
MICHEL BILODEAU, Le Soleil (Québec), février 1994

(They say that he plays the Blues. They should say that he’s played and always will play nothing but the Blues.)
SERGE TRUFFAUT, Le Devoir (Montréal), février 1994.

- "The Stephen Barry Band" is refreshing because the music takes precedence over everything. They blow through the classics, from Muddy Waters to Howling Wolf with relentless drive, impeccably building the energy number until its perfectly time resolved.”
DAVID SHERMAN, The Montreal Gazette, April 6, 1978“

And indeed: they won the Best Canadian Blues Band Award by the “Jazz Report Awards of 1996", and the CD "Happy Man" won the Best Recording Award on the same occasion. Stephen Barry has also been voted Best Blues Bassist in 2002 at the Maple Blues Awards and was also presented with the Lys Blues Hommage for his 32 year career achievement, at the time, in 2004 ... And The Stephen Barry Band was also nominated twice for the Felix of "Top Performer in a language other than French" in 1995 and 1996.

In his performances, you will like his distinguished and friendly style as well as his professionalism. In short, for any Blues Fan as well as for everybody wishing to get to know the Blues, The Stephen Barry Band is a reference, an absolute Must. The microphone alternating brings much variety to the show; from the bassist and crooner Stephen Barry’s deep and rich voice, typical of the Blues, we get to the drummer, Gordon Adamson’s husky sounding, with rock and swing accents and finally to the guitarist, Andrew Cowan, his voice tainted with folk and country sounds. Jody Golick is the voiceless part of the group but he’s sure to still get heard through the sounds of his saxophones which he sure knows how to impress and please the most demandings. The merging of those various styles amounts to an outstanding performance.

The Stephen Barry Band’s performance is an impressive and smooth-running show that Blues aficionados as well as those wishing to get to know the Blues Must attend. An all new show and an all new CD to celebrate the 40th career anniversary of one of the very top Bluesmen this country has: The Stephen Barry Band, Wednesday May the 13th 2015, around 8h00 p.m. part of Viree Blues Boreale`s 21st edition at our famous venue, Bar Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old-Hull sector. Tickets are right now on sale at: and will also be available at the door still for 20$ only. You can take advantage of our interesting, practical and pleasant diner and show package and enjoy the delectable grilled dishes of Galo Piri Piri Restaurant (, 2 doors from Le Petit Chicago, which will also reserve your assigned places at the show. Reservations can be made at: (819)771-7474. In the meantime, you can find further information on our featured guest at: You should also visit our site which will provide you with links to all our guests’ sites and lots of other interesting information at: . For inquiries, please do contact Alexandre Petit at: . Also make sure to take part in the facebook event for this show at: and be sure to also like us on our facebook page at: