Richard Carr
Wednesday March 25th 2015 at 8pm

Viree Blues Boreale is Featuring
True Blues from Roots and Rhythm’N’Blues
on it’s 21st edition

The recipient of the Lys Blues for “Composer of the year” in 2012 for his album: “Tell Everybody”, this true custodian of the ‘40s and ‘50s Blues stops here at Viree Blues Boreale for a last show before leaving on a Western Canada Tour. Richard Carr walks and talks in the footsteps of the American Blues tradition. His roots are deep and that shines through in the quality and in the style of his lyrics and his musics which, together, can rub shoulders with his Gospel and Blues references. The style of those references that he makes his emerges naturally in his renditions and performances. Clearly, this demonstrates that Richard Carr took all the time required to get fully into this music from his roots through its evolution to then make it his very own. The result: he writes, sings and plays the guitar in a style quite close to that of present bluesmen but includes and respects the tradition. His voice, his excellent musicians, every aspect naturally falls into place, and it works. True American Blues fans will feel fully at home and so close to this basic, natural, essential and so fully shared type of music.

Born February 19, 1963 in Ville Emard in a modest family, Richard Carr was given his first guitar at age 7. He’ll start training in Gospel at the old Baptist Church in Montreal’s “Little-Burgundy” thus discovering the depth and beauty of Gospel, just like did generations of Blues and Soul singers before him. His taste for Blues and Roots music developed naturally. His classic style reminds of the 40's and 50's Blues as he’s been particularly influenced by T-Bone Walker, Duke Robillard, Dutch Mason and others. He started working as a guitarist in bars and concert halls at age 16. He decided to take a break but then, in 1996, a stage performance with Richard Petit inspired him back to his roots so that he launched the Blue Ketchup Band; there he demonstrated that his tenor voice was powerful and well tuned. Living in Boston in 1999, Carr’s path crossed Blues legends Little Joe Cook and Weeping Willy. The opportunity to tour with them was the turning point in his career. He came back to Montreal the following year and launched “Richard Carr & The Gem Tones” band.

He then was asked to share the stage with Little Joe Cook, Weeping Willie Robinson Fiona Boyes, Mookie Brill, Jimmy Botts, Sean Carney, Harrison Kennedy, Jason Fowler, Rick Hayworth, Jordan Officer, Stephen Barry, Andrew Cowan, Gordie Adamson, Christian Malette, Ricky Paquette, Bob Walsh, Bob Harrison, Carl Tremblay, Dawn Tyler Watson, Kim Richardson, Adam Karsh, Paul Deslaurier and Papagroove Big Band, among others. His many performances on the Montreal Blues Scene expanded to other venues like Viree Blues Boreale, Centreville en Blues (Riviere du Loup), SIMMM (Place des Arts), the Maximum Blues Festival, Weekend en Blues, Octobre en Blues, Festival Blues de St-Fortunat, Wendake outdoor theatre and Montreal’s Festiblues.

Richard Carr is around since a while; he is one artist who reached a high level of excellence through hard work and perseverance. Although not as well known around here than in Australia, the United States and Europe, he has nevertheless become an essential reference and his relentless work has earned him the "Cabaret artist" Lys Blues for 2006 and the one for “Composer of the year” in 2012. His album, “Tell Everybody”, which was proclaimed `Blues Album of the Year` by JAZZ FM91 has reached 3rd place on charts and 33rd place on American charts. Richard Carr’s repertoire offers a broad variety of Blues songs by Chicago Blues, West Coast Swing and Texas Blues famous musicians to complete his original material presentation.

Jump on this opportunity to soak into this Blues and Rhythm’N’Blues purest Roots with Rene Gignac on bass and Barry Nameth on drums, both with Richard Carr, on Wednesday March 25 2015, around 8h00 p.m. a feature show of Viree Blues Boreale’s 21st edition at the famous bar Le Petit Chicago, 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old-Hull sector. Tickets are on sale right now at: and will be available at the door for 20$ only. Again on this edition, you can take advantage of our interesting, practical and pleasant diner and show package to enjoy the delectable grilled dishes of Galo Piri Piri Restaurant (, 2 doors from Le Petit Chicago, which will also reserve your assigned places at the show. Reservations can be made at: (819)771-7474. In the meantime, you can find further information on our featured guest at: You should also visit our site which will provide you with links to all our guests’ sites and lots of other interesting information at: For inquiries and to arrange interviews, please do contact Alexandre Petit at: . Also make sure to take part in the facebook event for this show at: and be sure to also like us on our facebook page at: