Ricky Paquette and his special guest Martin Deschamps
March 15, 2017

You missed us and were numerous to let us know.   But Viree Blues team also missed it’s public, it’s partners and it’s performers.   We were not to let this Old Hull’s popular feature disappear this year and, at the same time, forget our featured Great Stars of the Blues and 12 years of great memories.   So, with our new sponsor, the Moosehead Breweries, with our loyal great partners of previous years and with some new ones, today, we are ready to fully revive Viree Blues ... Moosehead.

    To mark this highly expected revival, we needed an artist who could take up the mandate of launching the festivities, someone who represented Viree Blues well!   A native of the Ottawa region, he has been a part of Viree Blues since the very beginning.   His show could not be featured within the standard Viree Blues program though as he was not then the legal age to enter the bars!   So, we arranged a ``Sortie Viree Blues`` where he was the featured star, outside.   But he also could be with us on our first feature at Bar Le Petit Chicago.   Despite his tremendous success, he decided to leave the Blues scene to explore ... rockier ...  horizons.   When he recently  mentioned his wish to soon try a comeback on the Blues scene and of a possible new Blues album, he became our man to move ahead with our Viree Blues revival project.

    The revival of Viree Blues Moosehead, the comeback of Ricky Paquette with his friend and very special guest Martin Deschamps.   The launch of Viree Blues Moosehead for our 24th edition on Wednesday, March 15  2017 around 8h00 p.m. at the famous venue, Le Petit Chicago, so easy to get to at 50 Promenade du Portage, in the Old-Hull sector.   Tickets are already on sale at: www.vireeblues.ca and will be available at the door for sure, always for 20$ only.   To be greated in for free, you from the medias simply need to let us know of your presence at: info@vireeblues.ca .   For questions and requests to arrange interviews which would ease your information to your readers, listeners and viewers, please do contact Alexandre Petit at: info@vireeblues.ca .   You can also get some information on our featured guests by visiting:   www.rickypaquette.com and www.martindeschamps.com .   You should also visit our own site where, from March 16, you will get the complete line-up of the 24th edition of Viree Blues Moosehead as well as links to all of our featured guests’ sites and lots of other interesting information at: www.vireeblues.ca .   For any question, you should go to: info@vireeblues.ca .   And make sure to receive the latest data for this show by registering to be part of the facebook event for this show at: www.facebook.com/events/184062055422412/ .   Also make sure to like us on our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/vireeblues .