A Blues with
“Traces and Scars”
April 12, 2017

    Our next guest on Viree Blues Moosehead, renown for his prized cinematographic musical atmospheres and as "side-man" to the sadly missed Mr. Bob Walsh, is going back to his roots.   Our friend, the harmonica virtuoso Guy Belanger was recently presented with the 2016  Andre-Gagnon award by the SPACQ (Societe professionnelle des auteurs et compositeurs du Quebec / Quebec’s Professional Composers Society) and as we learned just today, has been nominated for an IRIS Award in the "Best Original Music" category for his soundtrack to his brother’s movie: "Les Mauvaises Herbes".   We wish him a whole lot of luck on the June 4 gala.   He is renown for his sensitivity, his generosity and talent; an all-around true creator.   After producing four solo albums, the harmonicist-singer keeps on building on his solid works with a new recording which puts forward his strengths for composing atmosphere and emotional music.   He’s highly praised for keeping his virtuosity sincere.   After having been awarded lots of prizes and distinctions, the man who gave us the soundtracks for his brother Louis’ great movies Gaz Bar Blues and Les Mauvaises Herbes is launching his career’s 7th album: Traces & Scars.   Guy Belanger will present us with the essentials from his new album and from his previous ones on the stage of the next Viree Blues Moosehead on April 12, 2017.

    Guy Belanger, a trustworthy musician always ready to work but not often enough in the limelight.   Windblower extraordinaire and composer emeritus, despite his youthful good look, it is already more than 40 years that he’s been around!:  since the beginning of the ‘70s with a certain Bob Walsh in Quebec City.   During all those years, he will have the possibility to perform beside great names like Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Big Mama Thornton, James Cotton and Dutch Mason.   Those various experiences sure helped much to widen his musical horizons.   In 1987, he officially joins Bluesman Bob Walsh’s band which gets him to perform in lots of shows and tours across Canada, France and Switzerland on top of 15 performances at The Montreal International Jazz Festival.   In 1995, Les Colocs, a Quebec band invites him to appear in the recording of it’s 2nd album titled “Atrocetomique”.   This led to various collaborations with more than 60 artists from here and from France, among wich Celine Dion tour this year.   He also worked on 3 projects (Nuba, Wintuk and Viva Elvis!) by Cirque Du Soleil.

    In 2003, his meeting with guitarist Claude Fradette will lead to the birth of Louis Belanger’s Gaz Bar Blues movie soundtrack which will earn a Jutra award for best film music and the 2003 Lys Blues for “Album of the Year”.   They worked together again to compose the soundtracks for The Timekeeper (2009), Route 132 (2011) and Les Mauvais Herbes (2016), this one also produced by Louis Belanger.   They also came up with the musics for Louis Saïa’s T.V. series Les Boys (SRC, 4 seasons).   In 2011, with composer Benoît Charest, Guy will be awarded another Jutra for Best Original Music for Louis Belanger’s “Route 132” soundtrack.   With 14  Lys Blues Awards since 2003 and a Maple Blues Awards as “Harmonicist Of The Year” in 2015, the albums “Guy Belanger” in 2008, which was awarded a Lys Blues "Album de l'année" (for “Album of the Year”), “The Timekeeper” (2009), nominated for "meilleure bande sonore originale" (Best Original Soundtrack) by the ADISQ, “Crossroads” in 2010, which was awarded the Lys Blues for “Album Blues de l'année” (Blues Album of the Year) and "Dusty Trails" in 2012.   Then came the surprising and impressive  “Blues Turn” in 2014 and, finally “Traces & Scars”; those came out successively and predict a long road paved with renewed musical adventures.

    This all new album, Traces & Scars turns the spotlight on Guy Belanger’s talent as composer.   This 7th album was created while the artist was celebrating major personal victories but also deep mourning.    «Ce titre traduit bien l’exercice auquel je me suis prêté sur cet album.   De faire face, d’assumer et de retrouver mes traces.   Les cicatrices sont la signature des combats menés et à jamais gravés» (freely translated as: This title is a great translation of the exercise I went through for this album.   To face and take it upon myself to find back my own roots.   The scars are the signature of fights carried and forever engraved), as our guest states.   Traces & Scars is composed of 10 instrumental pieces which navigate between folk and blues and includes MY DEAREST FRIEND, a very simple little work to let the harmonica sing and express the musician’s sorrow, his gratitude and the major void caused by the death of his old buddy Bob Walsh...   It also features a revised version of LES MAUVAISES HERBES’ theme , composed for his brother Louis’ movie and also two superb songs, one of which was performed by a great local artist, Luce Dufault.

    An inspired, bright show dedicated to our friend, Bob Walsh (1947-2016) and which will present the very best of the gentleman harmonicist and composer to whom the pleasure of performing has always been so evident, so full and intact for over 40 years, since his very beginnings.   With his high impact band: Andre Lachance, guitars and Marc-Andre Drouin, bass, guitars and piano, the launching of Guy Belanger’s latest opus: “Traces & Scars” on this 24th edition of Viree Blues Moosehead, Wednesday, April 12  2017, around 8h00 p.m. at the famous bar Le Petit Chicago, so easy to get to, at 50 Promenade du Portage in Old Hull.   We can assure you that Guy Belanger can breath a lot so much so that it will leave you breathless!!!   Tickets are already on sale at: www.vireeblues.ca  and will be available at the door, always for only 20$.   You can also benefit from our enjoyable, attractive and so convenient Supper & Show package at #1 restaurant in the Outaouais according to TripAdvisor, Chez Fatima (www.chezfatima.ca), which offers an excellent and generous Marocan cuisine menu;  it’s just one block close to Le Petit Chicago, and will also reserve your assigned places at the Viree Blues show.   You simply need to make reservations with the restaurant at 819-771-7568.   In the meantime, you can get some information on our featured guest by visiting: www.guybelangermusic.com .   You should also visit our site where you will get the complete line-up of the 24th edition of Viree Blues Moosehead as well as links to all of our featured guests’ sites and lots of other very interesting information at: www.vireeblues.ca .   For information, please contact us at: info@vireeblues.ca , and make sure to get the latest communications on that show by taking part in the facebook event for that show at: www.facebook.com/events/1071336253010270/ and make sure to also join and like us on our facebook page at: www.facebook.com/vireeblues .